Wednesday, 3 October 2012

I put a spell on you...

Jacket: vintage Karen Millen / Top: River Island / Jeans: River Island /

Bag: charity shop / Shoes: Gift / Watch: vintage / Bracelet: gift

Aberdeen is, to me, Scotlands answer to the North Pole, my mum is my answer to Gok Wan meets Anna Wintour, and this coat is result of both put together. My mum found this for me in a charity shop a few towns over from her, and she is one for big labels, bargains and trends. I swear sometimes she knows more about Fashion than I do, and i'm studying it. 

So this was a surprise she brought up for me a few weeks back and its comfort in a Dementor like coat. I just wish Ron Weasley would be in my life when im wearing it.

Wise words to the wise: always check washing labels on clothing items before you buy them!

I usually remember to but forgot with this one, which then happened to be 'hand wash only' juuuust after I spill wine down it, never ran home to quickly to soak a top in water before. Isn't the beading just gorgeous though?

Merry Wednesday :)

Ruth xxxx


  1. This is such a gorgeous, chic outfit and I love the top.

    I always forget to read the washing labels on clothes too...

    Chloe xo

    1. thank you :) so dangerous sometimes isnt it haha xxxx

  2. Love the top! And I never check the labels, drives my mum nutty.


  3. That top is just beautiful, wow. and so is your hair :) xx

    1. the beading to so gorgeous isnt it? Thank you so much! Xxxx

  4. un loook estupendo! estas guapisima

    pásate por mi blog que tengo nuevo outfit

  5. Your blog is so lovely!
    I would so wear this outfit!
    Sarah x

  6. LOVE this coat, such a good find! x

  7. Amazing coat. I think I'd feel real important wearing this!

    I have an awful habit of ignoring the label and just sticking stuff in the wash and hoping they'll be ok. Works most of the time!

  8. That vintage coat is so beautiful! Love the whole look of this outfit <3 You have gained yourself a new follower!

    My blog:

  9. That vintage shirt is amazing!
    I went thrift store shopping today it is literally the best!

  10. I love those heels! <3