Sunday, 14 October 2012

I don't know what you take me as...

Shirt: vintage / Shorts: Wrangler vintage / Socks: Topshop / Shoes: New Look (old) /

Bag: Topshop / Rings: gift / Necklace: charity shop

I love socks with heels these days and Topshop have these socks in at least 10 different colours (including black for a safer choice.) With such a light coloured outfit a great idea is to add lipstick *insert my love for Rimmel* their lipsticks are amazing. Know when you have that lipstick that stays even till the morning? And you have to scrub to get it off? This one takes less scrubbing.

Summer is over, its official. After going out for a work night out in this outfit, im in bed with the cold the next morning. As many vitamin tablets, Activia yogurts and apples you consume you can never beat the sniffles. So im swapping my bottle of wine for my duvet, Band of Brothers box set and floral kleenex tissues next weekend.

Hope your weekend will be more exciting than mine.

Ruth xxxx

Friday, 5 October 2012

Hello, good morning, how ya do?...

Top: charity shop / Shorts: vintage Wrangler / Shoes: New Look /

Bag: River Island / Scarf: charity shop / Necklaces: Miss Selfridge

Need to stop wearing these shorts so much. Thats all I really have to say about this outfit. Bar one little tip, to change or hide a logo on a bag you dont want anyone to see- add a little silk scarf. You get so many colours and patterns and as cheap as £1-2 in a charity shop. Ready, set, go!

Ruth xxxx

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

I put a spell on you...

Jacket: vintage Karen Millen / Top: River Island / Jeans: River Island /

Bag: charity shop / Shoes: Gift / Watch: vintage / Bracelet: gift

Aberdeen is, to me, Scotlands answer to the North Pole, my mum is my answer to Gok Wan meets Anna Wintour, and this coat is result of both put together. My mum found this for me in a charity shop a few towns over from her, and she is one for big labels, bargains and trends. I swear sometimes she knows more about Fashion than I do, and i'm studying it. 

So this was a surprise she brought up for me a few weeks back and its comfort in a Dementor like coat. I just wish Ron Weasley would be in my life when im wearing it.

Wise words to the wise: always check washing labels on clothing items before you buy them!

I usually remember to but forgot with this one, which then happened to be 'hand wash only' juuuust after I spill wine down it, never ran home to quickly to soak a top in water before. Isn't the beading just gorgeous though?

Merry Wednesday :)

Ruth xxxx

Monday, 1 October 2012

It’s just me, myself and I...

Top: Vintage / Skirt: vintage /

Shoes: Primark / Bag: gift (Zara)

These heels remind me of Carrie and Sex and the City.. I really wanna pair them with boyfriend jeans and a big jumper and then a bell skirt, nip in waist dress.. vintage Dior if I was feeling rich... but im not and i eat beans on toast for my dinner every night. So back to reality- i wear it with vintage, vintage and a bit of Primark.

I got this bag from two of my best friends for my birthday and I seriously LOVE it! Its easy to tuck the handles in and make it a clutch (as shown) or just as a shoulder bag. Although quite small, it does allow you not to bulk up your bag with unnecessary junk like the 3 week old bus ticket, the weeks old half bar of galaxy and your keys in which have a million and one keyrings on (mine has a mini/4 inch purple bear thing called Moses.)

Ruth xxxx

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Getting good at starting over...

Shirt: vintage / sweater: H&M / Shorts: vintage Wrangler /

Bag: charity shop / Pendant necklace: Urban Outfitters / Boots: River Island

It looks like him going back to high school, but its comfort in a jumper so im willing to look 17 again. 

I love the colour burgundy and seriously need to wear it more often especially with the, dare i say it, run up to Christmas (yes im one of those already, too early, over excited people but i blame ITV2 and them playing the Holiday and Love Actually within a week of each other.)

This pendant is so cute and flips open to show a watch and a photo holder! Still debating what photo to put in it so was thinking either...

(little disturbing but who doesnt love Ollie?)


(I want a pug... SO badly! But not to do a Paris Hilton and put it in my handbag, but to keep me away from my fridge and food cuboards to which I seem to be quickly demolishing)

Ruth xxxx

Saturday, 29 September 2012

I'll ride home laughing...

Top: charity shop / Blazer: hand-me-down / Shorts: vintage Wrangler /

Shoes: Office / Clutch: Accessorize

Two things I love in my life right now is sparkle and pic'n'mix sweets, cue sparkly wedges and black and gold sparkle top and masses of spots on my face. 

 This past week i've been working with the lovely Jennifer down at Scotcampus magazine in the style section and sending her some posts for their website. My most recent one is about re-using an item in numerous ways and I choose these bad boys and dressed them up and down. 
You can find my other posts here :) 

Ruth xxxx

I've fallen in love with these guys style... so British 1940's working class, I love it!!

Friday, 28 September 2012

Working on my backwards walk...

T-shirt: charity shop / Trousers: Monkie /
 Shoes: New Look (old) / Bag: New Look (old) / Cuff: Miss Selfridge

The print kind of reminds me of Picasso and his work and instantly fell in love with them on the hanger. Throwing on a black polo neck is perfect for uni too. Just realised how old I sound saying polo mum would be proud.

This week I said goodbye to my ipod who lost its life after going for a dip in a puddle, my umbrella that was thrown inside out numerous times which then resulted init being hit against the ground a few times and my hat which was taken by the wind. Yes, the weather in Aberdeen has been a bit windy and wet, safe to say summers over. 

Ruth xxxx

Friday, 21 September 2012

A day in Stonehaven...

 Sometimes living in the city you just need to get away, cue jumping on a train to Stonehaven the cute town 25 minutes out of Aberdeen. 

Dress: Urban Outfitters / Boots: Topshop / Bag: Pauls Boutique (old) / Jewellery: gifts

(She forgot her sunglasses, hint why the eyes are shut)

Blazer: New Look (old) / T-shirt: charity shop / Necklace: gift / Jeans: River Island / Brogues: New Look (old) / Bag: Urban Outfitters (gift)

We sat in the local cafe for hours chatting about all sorts and eating smoked salmon and soft cheese sandwiches, home made cake and drinking coffee before going for a walk along the beach. 

This is such a lovely town and would recommend if you are near give it a visit as well as giving Auntie Betty's because if you do you will get this...

All home made ice cream. I got a scoop of coffee and one of millionaires shortbread, plus the toppings are free and they dont hold back. 

 This is the last post with these jeans for a long time, i promise!!

Ruth xxxx

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Give your tears to the tide...

Shirt- hand-me-down
Jeans- River Island
Bag- River Island (old) (gift)
Shoes- charity shop (H&M)

I will never take these jeans off.

Pretty sure i've expressed my love for them previously so I wont bore you anymore. I got this bag for my 19th birthday after my aunt gave me money for a bigger bag to save my current bags from an overflow of what she calls 'junk' but I call a 'matter of life or death items.' I instantly fell in love with this and the cute padlock at the front, plus I wear so much brown it fitted in with pretty much anything/everything I own.

I have never looked at so many shows, pictures and videos in my life. London Fashion Week is by far one of my favourites, I willllll be there one day!

Whats been your favourite show :)?

Ruth xxxx

Saturday, 15 September 2012

corks and florals...

Dress- Hand-me-down (H&M)
Bag- gift (Topshop)
Shoes- New Look (old)
Rings- gift
Cuffs- Miss Selfridge

Talk about blinggggg, never worn so much jewls in my life! I also tend to stay away from tight dresses but I looove the print on this one, perfect colours to end a near-perfect summer, these hand-me-downs will never stop making my life/purse 10x more happier.

I got these rings as a gift from my aunt and they are sooo cute. They remind me of Disney characters as theres a frog, horse, rabbit and fox and I am a HUGE sucker for Disney, like seriously I've seen Brave 3 times and got a sparkley Brave notebook for University from the Disney store (taking 3rd year very seriously this year.)

Dont think I give these cork heels enough credit as i've had them for 3 years now and they've seen more nights out than I have. Plus they go with so much I own and are so comfy its scarily unreal. 

Sun is shining but the wind can lift a cow or two so I better put away the floaty skirts and dresses for today..

Ruth xxxx

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Swap shop thrills and spills...

Top- charity shop (Topshop)
Skirt- swap shop (Topshop)
Heels- New Look
Bag- Accessorize
Belt- charity shop

CANNOT believe I found this treasure in a swap shop, I have never moved to quickly in my life! I've been to a few swap shops and I seriously love them its such a good place for Fashion, style and socilaising (plus you usually get a glass of wine or champagne.) So glad I found this but I missed out on an amazing white lace dress I saw and I dont think jumping someone and grabbing their dress is a polite move. Cant wait to dress this skirt up and down with shirts, graphic tee's, wooly jumpers/sweaters and cardi's and I cant wait to shove on some flats with it. 

I love the red against the black and gold just to give it a bit of colour-candy, but I also love the love hearts and crosses going on. These are two of my favourite symbols so why not put them together in an outfit? 

Anyway this is just a quick post due to some sort hurricane like wind going on outside and I have to get back from this coffee shop somehow that doesnt involve my skirt turning into a top. 

Merry Wednesday :)

Ruth xxxx

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

We don't waste no precious time...

 Dress- H&M
Bag- gift (vintage)
Shoes- Vintage

I wore this to a recent family celebration where the sun shone and lots of wine, whisky and haggis was consumed. Before your mind boggles we did not whip into highland dance and say 'auch aye the noo', it's a family favourite of whisky and my mums a sucker for haggis as well as half my other aunts and uncles, personally i stick to the vegetarian haggis.. such a wimpy Scot.

I got my bag from one of my best friends from a Charity shop in St Andrews for my 16th birthday. We had spent all day in St A's and spent all our money in the vintage and charity stores, fish and chips and ice cream that by the time we hit the final shop we had no money. I loved this bag so much and tried to go back for it the next day only to find it had gone then a few weeks later I ended up opening it up on my birthday, shes such a cutie and went and bought it under my nose. 

I dont do kitten heels, I just dooo nooot suit them AT ALL but these shoes I can get away with. I always forget how comfy feet can be without high heels... 

Ruth xxxx

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Heaven's got a plan for you...

Jumper- charity shop (unknown)
Jeans- River Island
Brogues- New Look (old)
Bag- gift (Urban Outfitters)
Collar necklace- hand-me-down 
Watch and bracelet- vintage and gift

I refuse to believe summers over and its not cold enough to wear a jacket and have the sleeves fully down, but defiantly switched from light knits to heavy knits. 

I got these jeans last month and I LOVE them! So comfy and perfect all year round cause you can roll the hems up to ankle grazers or full length. Plus the designs bold, its an instant stand-out piece I love it.

Ok so I admit it, my hair looks stupid. I shuved it up in a 'ive ran out of dry shampoo and meeting friends in 10 minutes' rush. This is mind I also tried to get this..

....... i've been more successful with hair do's.

Exciting news! Im in the new Scotcampus magazine and writing a few blog posts for their September issue later in the month. Im so excited :) you can find it here. I'm on page 17 however the rest of the magazine is so good, i'd read the whole thing if I were you :)

Ruth xxxx

Cant get this song out of my head!! The acoustic ones just as good!


Friday, 31 August 2012


I look for inspiration everywhere streets, movies, music, architecture, magazines, sitting in coffee shops, people watching, tumblr, blogs, friends the list is endless! My laptops filled with saved documents of pieces and outfits i love (so much a little box pops up everyday saying i have no disc space left..) 

I think its important we surround ourselves with creativity and people who think out the box, if we dont our style will never evolve and will stay the same forever and isnt that a bit boring?

Here are some of my favourite photos :) hope you enjoy!

Ruth xxxxx


ps heres my tumblr where i spend too much of my time..