Friday, 30 August 2013

Ah, but girl you're only a child...

Photography by Katy J Gordon

Top: Topshop - Blazer: Miss Selfridge - Necklace: Topshop

Skirt: Monsoon - Heels: Primark

I have my third wedding of the summer this weekend and so I'm currently surrounded by all half my wardrobe on my floor and an empty suitcase. Standard occurrence for me and a wedding/weekend away. 

The last one was my cousins a few weeks ago and this is what I wore. 

The skirts perfect for a wedding- right length, heavy so it doesnt blow up and everyone sees your hold ins, not black and pretty. To me its pretty much in the bag the second I see it. The blazer hides the hips and gives structure while the necklace gives the detail to the upper part of the outfit that the skirt does for the bottom. 

My cousin looked gorgeous on her day and it was such a beautiful wedding with ceilidh dancing till the late hours (a few G&T's helped me forget how sore my feet were after the Canadian Strip the Willow)

Ruth x

This song came on while I was baking in the kitchen today and I haven't danced like that since my P7 school disco

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Throw away your fancy clothes...

Photography by Katy J Gordon

T shirt: Brothers hand me down - Jeans: River Island

Boots: New Look - Bracelet: Miss Selfridge

My brother loves all things metal, screaming men in masks, guys smashing guitars off the stage (if not each other) and weird skeleton men. He listened to this type of music while I listened to DJ Sammy. It wasnt until 5 years ago that he finally got through to me about how 'smurfs on helium' wasnt real music and that bands like AC/DC were. After a swift revamp of my itunes we got along a lot more easily. Until Justin Bieber came on the scene. What a guy. (Bieber, not my brother.) 

Anyway, when he moved out he gave me/I took this from his wardrobe. I love AC/DC and their album Back in Black is one of my top 10 favourite albums along with Motown Gold and Tourist History (I love all types of music- really, I do. Even Shania Twain.)

Ruth x

Its suiting I should choose my favourite song from Back in Black and tell you to listen to this whole album now. Like now. 

Glasgows Burger Meets Bun...

The beautiful moment when the burger met the bun

So when I was out the other night for a friends 21st, the club was packed, hot and I wanted chip, cheese and mayo from the greasiest joint in town. When we were outside the club chatting at 2am a friend and myself noticed Burger Meets Bun across the street, it was one of those known restaurants but you never know where it was. Three days later I was ordering burgers with two of my best friends. 

The menu is simple, three meaty burgers, three chicken burgers, one special burger and three choices of sides. I love a simple menu, I really get stressed when its a short story of main meals and starters and you want half of it. 

Eve went for the gluten free cheese burger and Katy and myself went for the Smokey Bacon burger and we had sides of sea salt chips and cheesy chips. The burgers came wrapped in an American take away style, with a sticker on top to hold it all together. It was fast, fat and delicious. 

The smokey bacon burger had a measly strip of bacon on it, loads of sauce, fresh lettuce, juicy tomatoes, perfect amount of cheese and the burger was perfectly cooked. The cheese burger was gone in 5 minutes, literally. The sea salt chips didn't have much salt on them but were home cooked, and the first few layers were perfectly seasoned. All together including drinks, came to £11 each.  

The next burger joint I want to hit in town is Nice'n'Sleazy on Sauchiehall Street, which is meant to make the best burgers in town. So. Excited. 

You can find Burger Meets Bun on West Regent Street, across from Bamboo nightclub, next to Cup Cafe or just along from the old Odeon. 

Ruth x

Monday, 26 August 2013

If i had one wish it'd be to have more wishes.. duh

Photography by Katy J Gordon

Top: Oasis - Blazer: Miss Selfridge - Skirt: River Island

Belt: River Island - Boots: Office

I got this belt so I wouldnt spend £200 on the Moschino belt. Its a similar style it just doesnt say 'Moschino'...Anyway I spent £17 on this belt so im wearing it regardless of how arrogant it may look, and I do actually like it. And its brilliant waist clincher, showing off your figure. 

This top is actually a cardigan turned backwards and buttoned to the top. This particular style of cardigan allows the buttons to be hidden so no one can notice. And if you can, put a light blazer on- sorted!

Ruth x

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Round and around...

Photography- Katy J Gordon

Dress: H&M - Waistcoat: H&M - Shoes: New Look

I look like a moody cow in these eh? Im really not.

Tis the season of new flats and flat warmings. I've got a friends warming tonight and im preparing for it by watching Kirstie's Homemade Britain and going to Cup in Glasgow for cake and drinks. Never been more of a girl. 

You know when you have a bodycon dress you want it thick so it has support? Well this dress has defiantly got it. Its thick enough to hold but not thick enough for you to sweat with heat. 
A few posts back I wore my second and last bodycon dress, and wore a kimono with it to flatter. Well a sleeveless blazer can work just as well, and I love wearing it with jeans, shirt and flats too. 

Ruth x

Monday, 19 August 2013

Every sky will be blue...

Photography by Katy J Gordon

T-shirt: New Look - Trousers: H&M - Shoes: Primark

Necklace: Miss Selfridge

I. hate. H&M. sizes. 

Its like they want us to feel bad that we arent racks. I once bought a size 14 dress for my leaving dinner in 6th year high school and at the time I was a size 10. Really didnt want to have that dessert, but after a few glasses of wine it really did take my fancy. As of then my new moto for clothes shopping is- 'the size doesnt matter, if it looks hots buy the damn thing.' 
(So it may not be included in the next book of 'inspirational proverbs' but it makes me feel better.)

Ruth x

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Remember, only God can judge you...

Photography by Katy J Gordo

Dress: River Island - Kimono: Zara - Necklace: Forever21 -

Shoes: Primark

My friend informed me that it was 236 days since i last blogged. She then proceeded to diss my Fujifilm camera and saying an iphone takes better images. Today she took photos and used her iphone to do so, theres no winning with her. 

I fear bodycon dresses like i fear the girl from the Ring, the red labels on food packages and the guys using weights at the gym, who are four times the size of a regular-non-steriod-taking human being. So i only have two bodycon dresses in my wardrobe, this being one of them. It has a wrap style with a folded layer to it meaning the majority of insecurities you may have will be covered up. Also adding a gilet will help cover hips and boobs- hint the kimono and Zara has a few gorgeous ones in at the moment however this one is sold out.

Ruth x

Love this song so much and not ashamed. 

At all. 

Not even slightly.