Thursday, 29 August 2013

Glasgows Burger Meets Bun...

The beautiful moment when the burger met the bun

So when I was out the other night for a friends 21st, the club was packed, hot and I wanted chip, cheese and mayo from the greasiest joint in town. When we were outside the club chatting at 2am a friend and myself noticed Burger Meets Bun across the street, it was one of those known restaurants but you never know where it was. Three days later I was ordering burgers with two of my best friends. 

The menu is simple, three meaty burgers, three chicken burgers, one special burger and three choices of sides. I love a simple menu, I really get stressed when its a short story of main meals and starters and you want half of it. 

Eve went for the gluten free cheese burger and Katy and myself went for the Smokey Bacon burger and we had sides of sea salt chips and cheesy chips. The burgers came wrapped in an American take away style, with a sticker on top to hold it all together. It was fast, fat and delicious. 

The smokey bacon burger had a measly strip of bacon on it, loads of sauce, fresh lettuce, juicy tomatoes, perfect amount of cheese and the burger was perfectly cooked. The cheese burger was gone in 5 minutes, literally. The sea salt chips didn't have much salt on them but were home cooked, and the first few layers were perfectly seasoned. All together including drinks, came to £11 each.  

The next burger joint I want to hit in town is Nice'n'Sleazy on Sauchiehall Street, which is meant to make the best burgers in town. So. Excited. 

You can find Burger Meets Bun on West Regent Street, across from Bamboo nightclub, next to Cup Cafe or just along from the old Odeon. 

Ruth x


  1. Aw I always wondered where this was! I'm surprised I didn't notice it when I was at Bamboo last week (probably down to alcohol...). Definitely going to give this a go x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

    1. Haha it has to be down to alcohol if you go to Bamboo. Its downstairs but the sign is clear enough when you go. Hope you enjoyyyy x