Thursday, 29 August 2013

Throw away your fancy clothes...

Photography by Katy J Gordon

T shirt: Brothers hand me down - Jeans: River Island

Boots: New Look - Bracelet: Miss Selfridge

My brother loves all things metal, screaming men in masks, guys smashing guitars off the stage (if not each other) and weird skeleton men. He listened to this type of music while I listened to DJ Sammy. It wasnt until 5 years ago that he finally got through to me about how 'smurfs on helium' wasnt real music and that bands like AC/DC were. After a swift revamp of my itunes we got along a lot more easily. Until Justin Bieber came on the scene. What a guy. (Bieber, not my brother.) 

Anyway, when he moved out he gave me/I took this from his wardrobe. I love AC/DC and their album Back in Black is one of my top 10 favourite albums along with Motown Gold and Tourist History (I love all types of music- really, I do. Even Shania Twain.)

Ruth x

Its suiting I should choose my favourite song from Back in Black and tell you to listen to this whole album now. Like now. 

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  1. Hi dear
    Thanks for your comment some weeks ago on my blog
    Love all black

    Kiss kiss.*Jo