Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Remember, only God can judge you...

Photography by Katy J Gordo

Dress: River Island - Kimono: Zara - Necklace: Forever21 -

Shoes: Primark

My friend informed me that it was 236 days since i last blogged. She then proceeded to diss my Fujifilm camera and saying an iphone takes better images. Today she took photos and used her iphone to do so, theres no winning with her. 

I fear bodycon dresses like i fear the girl from the Ring, the red labels on food packages and the guys using weights at the gym, who are four times the size of a regular-non-steriod-taking human being. So i only have two bodycon dresses in my wardrobe, this being one of them. It has a wrap style with a folded layer to it meaning the majority of insecurities you may have will be covered up. Also adding a gilet will help cover hips and boobs- hint the kimono and Zara has a few gorgeous ones in at the moment however this one is sold out.

Ruth x

Love this song so much and not ashamed. 

At all. 

Not even slightly. 

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