Saturday, 15 September 2012

corks and florals...

Dress- Hand-me-down (H&M)
Bag- gift (Topshop)
Shoes- New Look (old)
Rings- gift
Cuffs- Miss Selfridge

Talk about blinggggg, never worn so much jewls in my life! I also tend to stay away from tight dresses but I looove the print on this one, perfect colours to end a near-perfect summer, these hand-me-downs will never stop making my life/purse 10x more happier.

I got these rings as a gift from my aunt and they are sooo cute. They remind me of Disney characters as theres a frog, horse, rabbit and fox and I am a HUGE sucker for Disney, like seriously I've seen Brave 3 times and got a sparkley Brave notebook for University from the Disney store (taking 3rd year very seriously this year.)

Dont think I give these cork heels enough credit as i've had them for 3 years now and they've seen more nights out than I have. Plus they go with so much I own and are so comfy its scarily unreal. 

Sun is shining but the wind can lift a cow or two so I better put away the floaty skirts and dresses for today..

Ruth xxxx


  1. Pretty pretty dress! Loving all the jewellery too :) glad it's not just me that still loves Disney! xx

  2. so nearly bought this dress! you look great, and I love the arm cuff

    - ordaining serendipity