Wednesday, 12 September 2012

We don't waste no precious time...

 Dress- H&M
Bag- gift (vintage)
Shoes- Vintage

I wore this to a recent family celebration where the sun shone and lots of wine, whisky and haggis was consumed. Before your mind boggles we did not whip into highland dance and say 'auch aye the noo', it's a family favourite of whisky and my mums a sucker for haggis as well as half my other aunts and uncles, personally i stick to the vegetarian haggis.. such a wimpy Scot.

I got my bag from one of my best friends from a Charity shop in St Andrews for my 16th birthday. We had spent all day in St A's and spent all our money in the vintage and charity stores, fish and chips and ice cream that by the time we hit the final shop we had no money. I loved this bag so much and tried to go back for it the next day only to find it had gone then a few weeks later I ended up opening it up on my birthday, shes such a cutie and went and bought it under my nose. 

I dont do kitten heels, I just dooo nooot suit them AT ALL but these shoes I can get away with. I always forget how comfy feet can be without high heels... 

Ruth xxxx


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  2. This dress is so beautiful! Is it recent? I'm not a fan of haggis either, must be my English blood!

    Charlotte xo

    1. Thank you love! Its about 2-3 months old but i found one on ebay here:

      it is comfy, would recommend it :) xxxx

  3. So cute outfit, you look very beautiful!

    - Alice

  4. I love this dress! Amazing:)

  5. such a cute dress!

  6. ohh this is cute!

    Jenny /

  7. Ohhh I love your dress! <3


  8. This is SUCH a cute dress! H&M always gets it spot on. I love the cut x

  9. I've looked at the dress so many times, it looks so pretty on you!