Thursday, 13 September 2012

Swap shop thrills and spills...

Top- charity shop (Topshop)
Skirt- swap shop (Topshop)
Heels- New Look
Bag- Accessorize
Belt- charity shop

CANNOT believe I found this treasure in a swap shop, I have never moved to quickly in my life! I've been to a few swap shops and I seriously love them its such a good place for Fashion, style and socilaising (plus you usually get a glass of wine or champagne.) So glad I found this but I missed out on an amazing white lace dress I saw and I dont think jumping someone and grabbing their dress is a polite move. Cant wait to dress this skirt up and down with shirts, graphic tee's, wooly jumpers/sweaters and cardi's and I cant wait to shove on some flats with it. 

I love the red against the black and gold just to give it a bit of colour-candy, but I also love the love hearts and crosses going on. These are two of my favourite symbols so why not put them together in an outfit? 

Anyway this is just a quick post due to some sort hurricane like wind going on outside and I have to get back from this coffee shop somehow that doesnt involve my skirt turning into a top. 

Merry Wednesday :)

Ruth xxxx


  1. love the boots and clutch! Definitely very versatile pieces!!

  2. GREAT find on the skirt...those crosses are too cute! loving those shoes, too!


  3. Love your hair <3


  4. Such a beautiful look! I like the classy colours combo - black and red. the peep-toe booties are fabulous!



  5. Really nice outfit! Perfect for autumn :) I'm never very good at finding gems in charity shops, also LOVING the heels! xx

  6. Fabulous outfit, that dress is so great and I love your boots!