Sunday, 16 September 2012

Give your tears to the tide...

Shirt- hand-me-down
Jeans- River Island
Bag- River Island (old) (gift)
Shoes- charity shop (H&M)

I will never take these jeans off.

Pretty sure i've expressed my love for them previously so I wont bore you anymore. I got this bag for my 19th birthday after my aunt gave me money for a bigger bag to save my current bags from an overflow of what she calls 'junk' but I call a 'matter of life or death items.' I instantly fell in love with this and the cute padlock at the front, plus I wear so much brown it fitted in with pretty much anything/everything I own.

I have never looked at so many shows, pictures and videos in my life. London Fashion Week is by far one of my favourites, I willllll be there one day!

Whats been your favourite show :)?

Ruth xxxx


  1. I love the pattern of these jeans! Such an awesome outfit!

  2. Replies
    1. haha, I know thats what I thought when I saw it! Xxxx

  3. Nice outfit.

    I wonder if you would like to follow each other : ).

  4. I love it! :) I have wanted to buy some jeans with pattern for a really looong time, but I haven't found one I like yet. Yours are amazing! :)

    1. you could always try home made ones with fabric paint? Then you could make ones with your perfect print :) xxxx

  5. Those jeans are incredible! Really lovely outfit!

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    1. Love the print on the jeans - really unusual and such pretty colours x